Saturday, July 31, 2004

Food for parrots

Galahs will go for anything. All the imported fruits, nuts, vegetables and grains are snapped up as soon as they can be eaten and it does them no good at all. This freely available junk food causes them manifold health problems. They’re a bird prone to obesity to begin with and they soon develop fatty tumours or lymphomas that cause infertility.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Neil

I've just had a galah that died from a lymphoma and I was interested in your comment that they die early from eating junk food. It was interesting too, to hear about Budgie World's eucalyptus leaves. My vet told me that if I'd fed my galah these leaves it would have helped disperse the fats from the junk foods. Have you heard this, and if so, how many leaves a day should I give my remaining galah?