Sunday, August 08, 2004

Budgies & leaves

Budgies are home to Australia and when left with 'gum leaves' take on a new healthy image.
Here's what satisfied owners say about the budgie leaves

Just to let you know - my little hand-raised American-bred budgie "Figaro" could not understand the leaves and perches...then I remembered that his favorite game is "find the lettuce in the bag" - so I put the eucalyptus in the bag and...WOW! Eating! Talking! Rolling around! - He has discovered the outback within himself! Now, for the BUTTER! What fun - he is disemboweling his new natural toy...maybe we shouldn't look...

I gave my birds 2 leaves yesterday. Bobby, the more adventurous eater of the lot, munched right into them immediately and never gave the others a chance for a look in,

Budgie World

Natural Eucalyptus tree products for your budgerigars from Down Under.

Made from the trees wild budgies eat, nest & roost in.

The Makers of Budgie Butter

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