Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Caged or uncaged

Budgies enjoy having 'freedom', out of their cage, however, they must be friends of yours or ideallt part of the family.

By this I mean for you to spend time with them so that they get to know you.

Initially give them a limited flight span and limited flight time, this ensures they will stay with you.

It can be very entertaining, I remember a friend of mine who owned a pet store, helet most of his loose and they would fly all around the shop. Now and again they would fly outside but with his carefull training they always came back. He even allowed some experienced birds fly around the shop at night.

I have since been in to his shop with 'new' owners. No flying birds, dull and dreary.


Trish said...

I'm a new budgie owner, and I'm finding this is so true! My budgie Agatha is coming to know me over the past few weeks, but it's a slow process. She doesn't warm up fast, but it's improving. She got out once and got lost behind the couch when I wasn't looking, and I finally found her and she was scared, and hopped up on my finger to take her home to her cage. She NEVER wants to perch on my finger. She was desparate! *laugh*

Anonymous said...

My budgie is absolutely terrified of going outside the cage. I go to work each day and leave the cage door open but I don't think he's ever gone outside. I used to look all over the floor and worktop for droppings but never seen any. I wish I cuold get him to fly cause I'm sure he needs excersise for his long life. I even put lettuce outside the cage on top with a clotes pin but he only eat what he cuold from inside