Friday, September 17, 2004

Working Playgym

Working Paygym

My budgies love your playgym. The yellow one is P and the

white one is Tama. P is always frightened of swings but not of the

playgym. I don't know why!


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My name is John and I've been trying to open an account with a user name etc. but it won't let me. It says my password is wrong but I've tried several times within the rules and it doesn't work for me..

What I wanted to post is that I have one of those hanging playgyms which my budgies use and it's the first thing that's brought them out of their cage for any length of time.

Before I got the playgym they were always timid of the outside and I'd have to drag them out of the cage. Then they'd fly around and go back and sit on top of it again.

Now they get some real good exercise flying around the playgym and knocking each other off it. There's real competition for the top perch of it.

I'm not sure but I think what may have given them the confidence was that I'd already bought them eucalyptus perches and the playgym smelled the same. This is only speculation though.