Thursday, November 04, 2004

Eucalyptus and Budgies

I recieved an enquirey about Eucalyptus leaves being poisonous for budgies. Here is the enquirey and my reply.

Recently I was in a discussion group where I was told I was probably poisoning my budgies by offering them Eucalyptus Leaves. I was told that there was no evidence that budgies ate Eucalyptus and that they seem to only chew on the bark and leaves.

My Reply

Budgies are sometimes slow to try Eucalyptus leaves or Budgie Butter, the reason being that they have been bred in captivity for many years and don't know what Eucalyptus is.

By following our suggestions of giving 3-4 leaves daily and 1/4 teaspoon butter daily, budgies will get used to them and enjoy the benefit.

I have a cockatiel who was also born in captivity, but when I give him 3-4 leaves and leave him alone, he goes mad really enjoys them.

I sometimes don't give him any for a couple of weeks and he really enjoys them when I give him them after a rest.

The only possible way budgies or any parrot species can be poisoned by Eucalyptus is when the Eucalyptus trees are grown in a polluted environment.

By this I mean grown in a smoggy atmosphere or having herbicides or pesticides applied near them.

We are selective in our material and are sure it doesn't contain any poisonous substance.

I also recommend not just trying leaves or butter once but continuously throughout the year, this amounts to 3 to 4 orders from us over a yearly period.

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Yoko said...

Eucalyptus as a bird food is still controversial even in Australia? I absolutely was inspired by Budgie World and am really really interested in the relation between Eucalyptus and budgies now.
A couple of days ago I got Budgie Butter for the first time and gave them just a little bit of it. They tried to taste and ate it! What a surprise...!