Sunday, November 07, 2004

Rare birds successfully migrate to Tasmania

Researchers are celebrating after a number of birds, bred in captivity and released, successfully migrated to their traditional home in Tasmania.

Six orange-bellied parrots, one of Australia's most threatened bird species, were released from Victoria in August.

Two have since been sighted in Tasmania, their traditional breeding grounds.

Richard Loyn from the Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research says as well as mapping the birds movements, researchers have been working to improve their natural habitats.

"I've been delighted how successful the breeding project has been," he said.

"In the early stages we were quite surprised at that. But we've come to accept it now and we know we can produce quite a lot of orange-bellied parrots in captivity.

"The main challenge now is making sure there's habitat for them to live in once we release them."

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