Thursday, December 23, 2004

Avian Food Problem

We have a problem with avian foods in Japan.
There is no guarantee of organic foods that are safe for birds.

Irresponsible manufacturers who do not know anything about avian nutrition
buy cheap ingredients and produce meaningless supplements and seed mixes
coated with chemical
dye, pesticide and synthetic vitamins.
Innocent bird owners who do not know what is the right food for their bird
"good for your bird's health"
foods and give them
to their beloved birds.

The biggest problem is that those foods are then doing a lot of harm to birds
and many owners are spending so much money for medical treatments
which are not always effective.
I often hear the owners say
"Why didn't my bird live very long?"

I hope that all of manufacturers, suppliers and owners will become more
responsibleand get more educated.

I think this is one of keys to a brighter future
of caged birds.

1 comment:

Eiko said...

I was one of those owners who didn't have resposibility for their own birds.
"Avian food problem" is very serious and distressful problem, I think.
It is not easy to get several kinds of safety foods in Japan. This serious problem is not only for my bugies but also for ourselves.
I can get safety foods for my budgies, but those are made in foreign country.
Is that fortunate or unfortunate?