Thursday, December 16, 2004

Budgies and Loneliness

Prevention is better than cure. I give my budgies organic seed and pellet, fresh and safe green that I grow and
good supplements on a daily basis.
I learned good points and bad points for budgies from "A Complete Pet Owner's Manual", and one of bad things
was "loneliness". Yes. Loneliness is harmful.
My budgie P-chan didn't have a companion. He ate, played, slept and mumbled alone all day long while I
was out for work. But I knew he hardly moved except going to a seed cup because most of his droppings were
at the same place. That was so hard for me and made a decision on the second budgie.
Now I have two young male budgies and they are getting along with their neighbor. They always chat, play, sleep, preen
and eat together, and have a good time even while I am out for work. They are almost stress-free,

and I do believe that it must be as good as nutritious diet for them.


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Eiko said...

Hi,I'm very glad to read today's contribution.
Today's contributor,Yoko, she always tell me about what is important for keeping budgies in her blog. Yes, I have two male budgies now, one is 3 years old and another is just 3 months. When I have some questions about keeping them, I always read her blog contributions. Her blog is very instructive for me!