Monday, January 17, 2005

Grow Your Own Greens For Budgies

Fresh greens from your garden will provide much more pleasure and nutrition than
supermarket greens.

I hear the statements like 50% of all pet birds die from malnutuirition, and one of the
biggest problems is Vitamin A deficiency.
Here in Japan, safe vegetables are hardly available since most of vegetables and foods on the
market are non-organic. So I came up with this idea "Why don't I grow my own greens?"
Yes, this is more than fun!

Arugula, kelp, sunflower, radish, barleygrass, broccoli, watercress, chickweed, dandelion, etc,etc...
Dark green color is best. Every morning I pick some of them and feed my budgies
saying "Here are the freshest and most delicious greens in the world for you!"
They really love it.

Wild parrots spend their lives in the greenery, and green foods make up the majority of
their diet. Captive parrots also should be offered more various greens on a daily basis.
Fresh greens are very rich in vitamin A, dietary fiber and phytochemicals.
Enjoy your Kitchen Gardening and share the benefits with your budgies.

From Yoko

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