Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Its A Boy!!!

Greetings, all!!!

Recently, I have had the priviledge of working with Phoenix Landing Foundation (a parrot rescue in
Alexandria, VA) to begin an application to adopt a bird from them.

The application was sent, a home visit was done, and their wonderful coordinators and care-givers bent over
backwards to help put things in place.

I am pleased and proud to announce a new member of my family, brought to his Forever Home just yesterday!!!

He's a cobalt-blue budgie of around 4-5 years of age and he's very calm and tolerant, just like Morning
Sun. I haven't figured out just yet what he'd like to be called, so if you think of a prospective name, do
tell :)

I'm really grateful to PLF and their wonderful, patient and persistent folks for everything they did o help me adopt a new feathered family member (I recommend going this route if you want to adopt a bird into your family).

Just wanted to share my happiness with everyone - will try to get a photo up of him as soon as I can.



This is a note I have just received from FEATHERCHASER

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