Friday, January 28, 2005

Keep Your Budgies Busy And Happy

A Suspension Ladder Bridge

I made a brand new toy for my budgies using Eucalyptus branches and palm grass ropes.

A Suspension Ladder Bridge!

My budgies spend a long time up there nibbling millet and shredding herbs.

The same perches at the same places, the same toys, the same food all the time through the whole life.

Suppose you are a bird living in such a terribly boring environment. .....No way!

If your budgies look busy and happy, it is time to use more imagination to keep them busy and enrich their life.

Give them a lot to do every day, and that will make them happier.

Why not get them a playmate or a playgym to stop boredom setting in again



Eiko said...

For "A Suspension Ladder Bridge", it looks nice feeling for birds!

I tried to make original toys using some kinds of safty materials for my budges, but it was
difficult for me to do so. I could not realize my imagination conserned with such toys.

Now,I think I'll try again!!

Trish said...

Any chance you will make the suspension bridges for sale? I'd love to buy one for my budgie...