Thursday, January 06, 2005

Make a Small Nature for Your Budgies

My budgies' favorite perch is Eucalyptus branch.

I always wonder how birds in captivity can enjoy their whole life as "birds".

I think we bird owners should learn more about wild budgies and let our

budgies have more chance to do, eat and have the same things as their

wild counterparts. Budgie World's articles told me what wild budgies life is

like, and there I found some good points to make my budgies happier.

I often ask Neil to make various types of Eucalyptus branch's and those

do give my budgies good exercise and pleasure. One of my budgies

P-chan had not been very active and not been good at playing with toys

and swings untll I gave him Eucalyptus multi-branch perches.

Now he is jumping and swinging and bounsing on thin branches just

like wild budgies in Australia, swinging in the wind on Eucalyptus trees.

His favorite is pecking spray millet on his Eucalyptus.

Let's emulate the natural world and give caged birds real pleasure

and health.

Wishing You and Your Budgie's a VERY Happy and Prosporous New Year


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Eiko said...

I think that it is destiny for my budgies to live as "caged-birds". I hope that they enjoy their whole lives as possible as they can. Therefore I give them safety foods, safety toys, safety place, etc. But is it enough for them?
Sometimes I think "How do wild budgies live in Australia?"
Anyway, I shall make every effort for my budgies to live their happy lives. For their sakes, I must learn through Yoko's blog how to make a small nature!