Saturday, February 12, 2005

Mozzie Return Home

HOME AT LAST: Nola Penna is very happy to have Mozzie back.

MOZZIE the cockatiel is safe and sound after his unexpected holiday.

The bird, who turns two in May, escaped from the back yard of his Kangaroo Flat home in January, but was recently returned.

Mozzie's owner, Nola Penna, said he flew away after taking a ride into the back yard on the head of her four-year old grandson, Dahrius.

"He has a habit of sitting on your head - I know about it, but Dahrius didn't.

"He's never been outside, so once he was out there, he got scared or disorientated and just disappeared."

After somehow braving the tumultuous weather of the past month, Mozzie landed on the shoulder of a woman at the Bendigo Farmers' Market at the Bendigo Showgrounds.

"She kept him for about a week, but she's got budgies, so she couldn't keep him," Ms Penna said.

The cockatiel was then handed to a friend, who saw one of the posters Ms Penna had put up advertising Mozzie's disappearance in the Kangaroo Flat IGA supermarket.

Despite his adventures, Ms Penna said Mozzie was in excellent condition.

She received Mozzie as a Mother's Day present from her son, and said he is a one-of-a-kind bird.

"He was raised around animals, so he rides around on the dog's back, and drinks out of the cat's bowl.

"And if you're on the phone too long, he'll go `yap yap yap yap'.

Ms Penna has already taken measures to stop the cockatiel from escaping again.

"We're very aware now - I've hung curtains on all the doorways.

"I'm just very grateful for everyone who looked out for him."

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