Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Power of Love

A very smart, brave female budgie "Nana" had died a couple of days ago.

She had been very seriously ill over a long period of time and fighting

till the end. She had a trouble with her oviduct, crop, and maybe she

had a tumor too. Her crop and organs were terribly damaged because

of overuse of steroids, and she was loosing immunity because of too

many antibiotics. She vomited every day and kept loosing her

weight. Her owner took care of her day and night without rest

just praying "God, please help Nana" And Nana died peacefully.

She was only 18g when she died. What a poor girl...

How could she live though she was just 18g? How could she

hang on?

I think mommy was there. The dearest mommy always stayed there

with her, fought with her. That is the power of love.

May god bless Nana.


Nana's owner is my friend.

I was very shocked by her death.



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