Sunday, March 20, 2005

Bridgeen & Bruce

I have two budgies (Bridgeen and Bruce) which I got from friends, they were keeping them outside in the cold , one of them had mites and we took them to a vet and eventually we fixed it.

My problem: I would love to have some kind of bond with them.
Practically they are scared of everything, me, my children, my dogs.
I keep them on the top shelf in the sunroom - 'room with the view' - once a month we let them, (by force), out of the cage for a little "stretching of the wings" time but it takes me ages to catch them under the thin towel so the don't get hurt.

It would be great if they come when I call them.

I am talking to them constantly and try to offer them food on my hand but they would rather hurt themselves then sit on my finger.

I don't know how old they are.

Please if you have some tips to help I would greatly appreciate it.

My Reply.....
Budgies are like people, treat them lovingly and kindly and they will show affection. Mistreat them, leave them in the cold, feed them irregularly, neglect their health and they will become sick, frightened and very nervous.

If mistreated from a very young age they don't know what correct treatment is and they are very wary of anything.

Your children can be affectionate towards them but your budgies are nervous of noise. Likewise with dogs.

Letting them out of the cage is a good idea however I wouldn't forcebly take them out. If you could leave the door of the cage open, they could fly out only if they want to. It could take a long time for them to become comfortable with human contact again.

Feeding them enthusiasticaly will gain respect. When you feed them try saying something like "Hello Bruce & Bridgeen we have some lovely food for you". They will know that you are looking after them and they will fly across to their feed bowl knowing that it is something they like.

Any Other Comments Please

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