Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Flying Budgies

Yoko's flying budgie Posted by Hello

I love to see budgies enjoying free flight. Maybe that is the most happiest

moment for birds in captivity.

Some of my parrot friends including me are competing to take the most

beautiful and fantastic photo of flying budgies. I usually make only one success

of 7-8 shots since it needs skill. The key to success is to focus on budgies

when they seem to feel like flying, and trip the shutter at the very moment

they are about to take off. However, the most difficult thing is to know

when they feel like flying...


1 comment:

Eiko said...

I try to take such photos of my
budgies, but fail every time. I can't catch the moment of being about to take off. It's too difficult for me!!