Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Special Treat

Special Treat Posted by Hello

Special treats

I often give my budgies "special treats". I serve a plenty of millets, nuts,

dried herbs, fresh tender green...etc on a shreddable basket.

No need to tell that it always make them crazy, and they jump into the

treat basket and enjoy themselves. An enrichment idea, isn't it?



Trish said...

Yoko, what kind of greens and herbs are OK to feed a budgie?

Yoko said...

There are a lot of kinds of greens and herbs you can feed your budgies.
I especially recommend you Dandelion,Chickweed,Wheatgrass,Barleygrass,Watercress,Arugula,Alfalfa,Beet Greens....etc. Dark green color is better.