Sunday, May 15, 2005

Wild Budgies

Budgies (Budgerigars) are one of the most popular pet birds in the world – and for good reason. Their engaging personality makes them fit into almost any household.

In the United States, these birds are often called Parakeets or keets, but since they are just one of several different Parakeets, they are more properly called Budgies which is short for Budgerigars.

Budgies still live in the wild, in Australia where they originate. There are not as many as there once were, but unfortunately this is true for every wild animal and bird.

In the wild, these birds come in one colour and that is the normal green and yellow, with black markings.

Budgies fly in large flocks and are nomadic (meaning they only stay in one place for a short time before moving to another). Normally, they will move when looking for a new food or water supply.

When conditions are ideal (plenty of food and water), Budgies will look for nesting spots and raise a clutch or two of babies. They do not build nests, preferring a cavity or hollow in a tree. The rest of the flock will also choose their nesting spots in the same area, which means many babies will hatch at approximately the same time.

A successful nesting spot will have enough food and water for the whole flock to feed and raise all their babies. This requires a lot of food and water, and sometimes only the earliest pairs to start breeding are the only ones that will be successful.

Budgies will eat grasses and grass seeds (both dry and fresh), some eucalyptus leaves, some insects and larvae, and berries and this is what they feed the babies.

When the babies fledge (leave the nest), they will look very much like their parents, except that they have thin black lines across their heads, right down to the cere and their eyes are a solid black. As they mature, the lines will disappear and they will develop a white circle around the eyes.

Predators of the wild Budgie are snakes and hawks. Extreme drought conditions are also responsible for many deaths.

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