Monday, June 20, 2005

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Sprouting Seeds
One way to add some good food into your bird’s diet is to sprout some seeds. Just soaking the seeds over night (after a thorough rinsing) will plump them up so they are more like fresh seeds, instead of dried. After soaking them for approximately 8 hours, give them a thorough rinse and drain them. Put them in your feeder and watch your bird enjoy a very nutritious food.

You may also rinse and drain them and spread them in a container that you put in a dark spot (just don’t forget about them). You will have to rinse and drain them several times throughout the day; the more times you rinse and drain them, the more quickly they will sprout. Many seeds will have tiny tails starting to emerge by the next day and will be at the optimum in nutrition. Rinse and drain once more and feed them to your bird. By starting a new batch each day, you will have a continuous supply of fresh nutritious food for your bird. If you make more than what your bird will eat in one day, you can refrigerate leftovers for a few days – rinsing and draining each day.

You shouldn’t have any problem with your bird refusing to eat these sprouts.

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Budgie luva said...

i luv budgies. where is the best place to get a large cage ( not a avary ) for my soon 2 come bird?