Sunday, March 12, 2006

Young Rescues

I rescued a very young (based on internet reserch he was maybe 4 months old) male budgie this past New Year's Eve. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada and this little budgie was outside on a store sidewalk in minus fourteen degree freezing cold weather. He allowed himself to be caught and from that moment on lives with me!!! I've attached 2 pictures!! The pictures were taken the day after he was rescued!! The pink perch in one picture came with the cage, I threw it out.

I have always had finches. I have 2 pale hooded munias right now. My new budgie "Kiwi" is my first and only budgie. I bought him a mirror and he loves it. He feeds it, sleeps by it. I would prefer to buy another budgie so he's not alone, but I'm not sure if I should do this because he has his mirror. And if I should (and would prefer to) how do I introduce a new budgie???? I do not trust anyone in my area who knows birds for their advice.

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