Thursday, June 15, 2006

my happy cockatiel with Hanging Playgym Kit

I recently ordered your *Hanging Playgym Kit i ordered it because i had purchased a new bigger cage for my cockatiel, he has a large cage before but because we live in a tiny studio apartment with two cats we aren't able to let Frankie out of his cage as much as i feel he should be able to, so i wanted him to be able to fly and move around more, after i ordered the cage i realized he would need more perches and stuff so i decided to get the gym and wow as always with products i have ordered from you.
it arrived here in California amazingly fast considering how far it had to travel. i used most of the perches and things in the kit to make various swings at different levels in the new cage and was able to tie the in ways where some moved more than others trying to mimic how branches in a tree might move in the wind, since Frankie has been in his new cage he is much calmer and happier it is really amazing what a difference it has made, he was already a fairly calm and happy cockatiel but now he is much more so, he sings happy songs and talks to the birds outside and when he is in the same room as me we have long conversations of whistling sounds together it is very nice, I'm positive a large part of his happiness comes from having a set up that is closer to what he would have if he was a wild tiel down under. he also loves the nuts and pieces of branches i strung all around, and one of the loose nuts has become a favorite cat toy, the kitties play soccer (football) with it every night before crashing thank you very much -bug***

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