Sunday, June 18, 2006

The passing of Pickwick

Hi- my name is Steph from Australia- My budgie Pickwick passed away yeasterday- 17th June 2006. I got him for my 7th birthday, i'm now 18- so that would have made him 11 or 12 years old. We had no signs that he was going to die- he was acting normal when i changed his seed for him the night before- he was running around his cage like a maniac- like usual- because he always got excited when i fed him- he loved his food. The next morning- my dad told me that Pickwick hadn't moved from the bottom of his cage- i had a look- it just looked like he was sleeping in the corner. Pickwick survived cats trying to get at his cage, possums crawling over it, and my brothers accidently hitting cricket balls into his cage. He was the cutest thing ever, he was a beautiful bright yellow and he looked the cutest in winter when he ruffled his feathers up. I miss him already- some friends have said- "he's only a bird" but i had him for more than half my life.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about Pickwick...but he lived a long time...may I ask what you use to feed him? I'd like my babies to as long :-)

Anonymous said...

How do you do.
Was Pickwick really regrettable wasn't it
I also had experience in which it passed away when the parrot which became a family when I was 8 years old was 20 years old.
It flew away to Heaven so that it might lie and might trouble and sleep in a mother's hand.
Fortunately Pickwick was surely able to meet you.
After crying in large numbers, energy is taken out, mind is not dropped and the body is not broken.

Steph said...

I just used Trill Complete Budgerigar food most of the time.
He also lived outside, but i covered his cage with a towel every night.
We also used to give him this grass that grows in our yard- it has
seeds on
it- he used to love it- he would eat the seeds and chew the ends to get
moisture out- i don't know if anyone else knows of this- but Pickwick
I took a photo of some to show what it looks like.