Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Local Bird Lovers Flock To Parrot Event

Parrot Picnic
The South Western Ontario Parrot Club held a Parrot Picnic at the Masonic Temple early last week. The club holds annual meetings to encourage bird socialization, provide important training and discipline techniques, as well as, offer bird sitting within the group should a club member go on holidays. The club boasts a wide variety of parrots ranging from as small as 3 inches (love birds) to as large as 44 inches (Blue Hyacinth). Parrots are highly intelligent companions that can mimic a vast array of sounds, including cell phone rings, squeaking doors, alarm clocks and the human voice. The birds are capable of being potty trained on command and perform several tricks. The club is currently accepting new members and meet every 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Masonic Temple. For more information you can email Kelly Adamski at:

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