Thursday, July 16, 2009

NOT to be outdone by their feathered cousins in the pavilion next door, the Gympie Cage Bird Club also held its annual bird show at the showgrounds last weekend.

The show was a popular drawcard among breeders, with 24 exhibitors and 319 birds on display.

Some of the birds exhibited on the day included canaries, budgerigars, cockatiels, parrots and finches.

The day was a busy one for all involved. Besides the judging there were other attractions including a cent auction and a bird sale.

Winners included Pamela Window who won the champion cockatiel, Zoe Doyle who took out champion large parrot, Jenny Stolberg was awarded champion finch and Betty D'Arcy won champion border canary.

Cage Bird Club secretary Betsy Quince said it was a great family day.

“There was a continual flow of people - very rewarding for all the people concerned,” she said.

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