Sunday, August 30, 2009

Favorite snack foods for parrots

George Sommers wrote:-

The munchies: an overwhelming craving for food, especially of the junk persuasion - parrots get it, too! Pippy the Goffin's cockatoo offers the following culinary suggestions.

Millet spray is clusters of tiny grain seeds bound together which Pippy likes to grasp in one foot while crunching. Bonus point: small, often finicky birds like parakeets love it, too.

Summertime is the berries - and blueberries are a delicious seasonal treat. They're small, manageable and eagerly devoured, so they don't make as much of a mess as many other foods. Strawberries are another favorite fruit treat - but the juice that stains birdy's beak will make him look like a miniature vulture!

Pippy espcecially enjoys picking the kernels off ears of raw corn on the cob. Another veggie fave is sliced carrots.

When our late blooming summer segues into fall (hopefully not for several weeks) chopped or sliced apples are on the menu. Make sure to rinse off these or any other fruits or vegetables before offering.

When the house people are dining, Pippy is not shy about announcing her desire for a piece of the action, especially when the action consists of rice from the local Mexican takeout, pasta and pizza - and don't skimp on the tomato sauce!

Unsalted peanuts in the shell double as a treat and an activity as your bird eagerly cracks open that shell to get at the delicious prize inside.strawberries, millet

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